We’re a passionate
motion graphics studio.

We enjoy working directly with brands and agencies to bring your amazing ideas to life. We direct your projects and are heavily involved in every stages of production – from concept to delivery.

We’re a team of design specialists, animators, and writers with a decade of experience. We’re always so excited to help turn your unique ideas into reality and create incredible animation videos.

Who is behind?

Aytaç Duman

Co-Founder, Director

You’ve probably seen at least one of his pieces of work on tv or online.

After a decade of experience as an animator, he started directing high-end animation projects. He’s directed movies for all of the top 10 ad agencies in Turkey. As well as this, he’s worked with international brands and helped startups launch through the power of motion graphics.

He is a former basketball player and a sport’s enthusiast. And he still keeps a mini basketball hoop near his desk.


R. Sermet Öner

Co-Founder, Creative Director

In the first year of this graphic design education in 2006, he started working for an ad agency. After working as a traditional graphic designer for 8 years, he turned his talents to the world of motion graphics. From then then on, he’s worked as an art director. He’s worked with a lot of national and international brands and has produced award-winning projects.

There is a rumor that he still secretly designs in his spare time. Also, claims he’s not a ‘workaholic’.


Merve Kosdik

2D Animator

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Erdem Cambaz

Art Director

He already had a passion for motion graphics when he started his graphic design education in 2016. His work took place in exhibitions and catalogs during his student life. His flare was getting noticed by the eyes of W&R before the graduation.

He is always at the office. Either he loves his job so much or homeless.

Some friends we've worked with along the way

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