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Kızılay // 29 Ekim

October 29th is Turkey’s republic day. Kızılay wanted to celebrate this day from the health workers’ point of view. We’ve partnered up with Tribal  Worldwide.


In this 40 sec spot, we are walking in the memories of Safiye Hüseyin Elbi. She is one of the key figures of the Turkish Independence War. She recognizes as modern Turkey’s first nurse.


When we are designing the movie we have used original postcards from Kızılay’s archives. Also, we benefited from new ai-based photo enlargement tools. We adhered to the aesthetics of the original artworks and we created additional visuals with the same watercolor style.


Hope you enjoy this short story from the first nurse of Turkey, Safiye Hüseyin Elbi.


For more details, check out Behance.

  • Client


  • Agency

    Tribal Istanbul

  • Animation Director

    Aytaç Duman

  • Art Direction & Design

    R. Sermet Öner, Erdem Cambaz

  • 2D Animator

    Merve Kosdik

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